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Ann Monique Stellinga

Mae gwaith Ann Monique Stellinga yn eang ei destun a deunyddiau ond medrith gael ei ddisgrifio fel paentio cyfrwng cymysg yn defnyddio paent ac inc acrylig yn bennaf. Mae defnydd eang o collage a gwead  yma hefyd. Dyma gasgliad o ddreselau cymreig fel y dychmygwyd nhw mewn ardaloedd gwahanol o Ben Llyn.

Ann Monique Stellinga's work is varied in both subject matter and in the range of materials and techniques she like to use, however, it can best be described as contemporary mixed media painting using predominantly acrylic and acrylic inks, but also pastel. Collage and texture feature in some of the artist's paintings, and she has recently been heavily involved in experimenting with recycled and found materials from beachcombing and some have an almost 3D quality.